Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar Review

Companies with a history have a tendency to impart a sense of legacy in their products, and Yamaha is just such a company. The company that’s made a name for itself in the automobile sector had it’s very humble origins in the late 1800’s, beginning with the production of pianos. Over the years, it has further diversified its products carrying along its goodwill and brand name into every industry that it enters. The results of this can definitely be seen in the range of guitars that they now have to offer.

In this article, we will just look at one of the acoustic guitar models that it offers for sale: Yamaha FG830. Under the acoustic guitar lineup, too, Yamaha gives its customers a number of different kinds of guitars to choose from. This particular guitar belongs to its FG/FS lineup. Yamaha released this line of guitars to please the masses. The pricing of the guitars delivered a message to the public.

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Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG830 Back

Good quality guitars need not always be heavy on the pockets. Why should the rich have all the fun, right?

Value for Money

In line with the idea behind the launch of the FG/FS guitar lineup, this guitar is reasonably priced in comparison to other similar guitars. To be precise, it commands a fee of $299 from its prospective owners. When you look at other acoustic guitar’s this particular model, falls in the mid price range category. Neither is it too expensive, nor, does it come under the really pocket friendly guitar category.

Product variations: With one product, sold in different forms, Yamaha have catered to the individuality aspect of a guitarist very well, indeed. Every guitarist has their own preferences. However small it be seem to others, to the one concerned, it makes a big deal. Firstly, the FG830 is a guitar that comes in two different sizes: Dreadnought and Concert. Not only does it come in two different sizes, but it also comes in a range of colours. Natural, Tobacco Sunburst, Autumn Burst and Dusk Sun Red, are the different types of painted clothing for your FG830.

Body Material

This aspect, namely the body material of the guitar could have been included under the product variations subtopic but to keep it simple, let’s look at it separately. At the end of the day, the wood used does influence the sound quality, an aspect never to be overlooked while purchasing a guitar. The different guitars in the FG/FS series of Yamaha, use different kinds of wood. In this review we are particularly looking at the FG830 model, which is made out of both: rosewood and spruce, with rosewood being the more extensively used piece of wood. The back, side, fingerboard and bridge is made out of rosewood, while the top of the guitar is made out of spruce. The impact of rosewood on the sound quality is given below:

  • Rosewood:. Associated with cosmetic use, rosewood is equally important in the guitar world. The beauty that it adds to a guitar, too, isn’t compromised in any way and is in fact, an important factor responsible for its popularity. With regard to the wood’s effect on the sound produced, one can expect tonal balance to the highest end.

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Product description

This particular version of the FG830 is oriented for the right-hand users. It’s a decent sized guitar, with product dimensions of 20.7 x 42.5 x 6.1 inches to be precise and yet, the model comes in two different sizes as mentioned above in this article. The abalone interlay of the guitar reminds one of their travels, and to re-instate this emotion, Yamaha have seen to it that the guitar is really light and accessible for travels. To be precise, the guitar weighs just 6 pounds. Looking at the guitar as a whole, it’s a very beautiful piece to look at, which can attributed to the use of rosewood as well as the guitar’s designers.

Yamaha FG series guitars

Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar Rating

Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar
  • Looks, build, comfort
  • Quality of strings, parts
  • Sound output quality
  • Value for money

Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar Pros and Cons


  • The fact that this model is available in different sizes and colours, every guitarist can cater to their needs individuality.
  • Recommended for beginners. Trusted brand name, good quality and a durable guitar.
  • Value for money.


  • The design and performance of the guitar isn’t really questionable but the strings are an aspect of doubt. Some people may not like the strings it comes with, therefore, they can opt to change the strings, as per their personal preference.
  • A common problem with relatively cheap guitars is that they don’t sound too original. Although, the FG830 barely has such problems, but for those who do encounter it, going to a local shop or seeking help from someone who knows about guitars can be a great solution.

Final verdict on the guitar: After everything, this is the final verdict on the FG830:

  • A great guitar for beginners. Not too expensive, great quality and highly durable, the trusted brand name of Yamaha, only adds to its credentials.
  • Sophisticated design, with the aesthetic looks to back it.
  • The strings might just be an issue, but it’s an issue that can be easily addressed.

A flexible guitar, in many ways.

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