Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Review

Every Guitar lover and enthusiast will love to own a full-size acoustic guitar, but getting a premium quality guitar is mostly out of budget but that is not the case with Yamaha FG700S, which is an affordable yet premium Acoustic Guitar. If you ask any Guitar expert they will have in mind select models of Acoustic guitars which are a great deal and this model makes it to the top of that list.

The Yamaha FG700s is the first choice in the best inexpensive acoustic guitars list. According to guitar experts, it is said to be the best entry level acoustics model but also performs as good as some of the acoustic guitars priced almost double or more. Let us check out in detail why the Yamaha FG700s is considered to be the best with a complete review of the Guitar.

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Yamaha FG700S

Yamaha G700S Guitar Build and Design:

Yamaha FS700S Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Tobacco Brown SunburstThe Yamaha FG700s is built with a rosewood fretboard along with a rosewood bridge to be solid from the ground up and give the affordable acoustic guitar a premium look and feel. The Guitar also features nato back and side along with the most impressive feature being the top which is a solid Sitka spruce top making it quite impressive for the price it is available.

To maintain the build quality, the body comes with binding along with a tortoise-shell pickguard, die-cast tuners, and a headstock inlay. With the quality material used to build this Guitar, it does more than justice to the price it is being offered in. There are two color variants available for the guitar – Sunburst and natural. Out of the two, the natural color variant caught my eye, which gives an elegant look to the guitar with the light wood color that brings into mind the classical Yamaha guitar.

The sunburst variant is beautiful as well with natural, tan color in the center and the exterior is a bit darker having sandy, brown color. The black binding goes with the overall design of the guitar, and adding to it are the polished turners. The design is carried on to the pickguard as well which comes with faux-tortoise-shell. The headstock comes with a simple emblem inlaid into it. All these together make the device look great, and the overall design and build quality gives a premium look matching that of much costlier Guitars coming with this price tag is impressive.

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Yamaha fg700s Brown Sunburst

Yamaha G700S Guitar – How does it perform?

The feel and appearance of this full-size Guitar match that of its competitors which are priced much higher; this is carried on to the sound as well. The Guitar sounds like what a full sized Acoustic guitar should and gives quite a first impression with all the notes. It comes almost ready for play from the factory but for me, the action was a bit high, much like all high-end guitars which let you adjust the stiffness and action to your liking. The strings which the guitar comes with are great, and you will not need to change the strings.

When used without any tweaking or playing around with the action, it sounded pretty good for an entry level acoustic guitar which can fool a pro into believing that the sound was from a guitar of much higher cost. The sound coming out of this full-size acoustic guitar was balanced, although a bit of treble was felt than midrange in its EQ profile it was nothing which cannot be fixed.

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The Yamaha FG700S gives out a balanced sound and the combination of Nato wood and Stika spruce lends an air of definition to this guitar’s sound. Thanks to the material the full-size acoustic Yamaha fg700s guitar is not heavy and is an ideal one for beginners and easy to carry around for professionals as well.

As mentioned earlier the action of this guitar out of the box is pretty good which other users of the guitar will accept. The low action on the strings requires less effort by the fretting hand to press down the strings while playing. This makes it a lot easier to play for beginners and experienced users alike.

Yamaha G700S Guitar – Value for Money:

This is one aspect which the Yamaha FG700S excels in without any doubt. There are hardly any guitars which offer such quality at this price point. I have seen many experienced professionals using it as a secondary guitar. This surely says a lot about this Guitar, as an entry level guitar being preferred by professional over many other instruments places it among the best.

The build quality, the materials used, finish and the action on the strings makes it sound amazing at par with many high-end guitars out there. Overall a great Value for money Guitar or must I say a Guitar which gives much more than what it is priced.

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Yamaha FG700S Rating

Yamaha FG700S Rating
  • Looks, build, comfort
  • Quality of strings, parts
  • Sound output quality
  • Value for money


While the Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar might not look like one of the best, the sound tone and levels of sound it produces is better than even some of the higher-priced guitars from the competitor brands.

Yamaha FG700S Pros and Cons


Good intonation levels
Good build quality, design
Durable, stays for a long time
Quality sound for the price


A bit high on action on upper frets
Truss rod sometimes becomes hard
A bit weak for large rooms

Some more Yamaha FG700S reviews from users:

1. A $350 guitar hiding behind a $199 price tag

I used to play a Johnson Dreadnought and it was quite good, but it was hard on fingers. How much ever I try to get adjusted to it, but couldn’t. At a store, I tried several guitars each for a few minutes, and I couldn’t see as much comfort on others as I did on the Yamaha guitars, especially the FG700S. This seemed like a $330-$350 guitar hiding behind a price tag of $199. It isn’t the sound quality and looks that should be enough, but the comfort and ease on your fingers is equally important.

2. Excellent guitar and its potential

I got this guitar as a gift, and while I didn’t know about the price of this, I felt this could be quite and expensive one in the beginners’ range. The Yamaha FG700S has some decent balance, and I added a bone saddle to it to increase its potential, and it now truly seems like a guitar that should not usually cost lesser than $500.

Since my father’s 20-year guitar sounds still the same, I’d say give the FG700S a good use before trying to upgrade to the next level one because it won’t disappoint you in your journey. Even the strings that are provided by Yamaha are good at quality.

3. Nice instrument for the price

To be fair, although this one from Yamaha won’t sound as good as Martin or Taylor ones, but it is not priced as much. The only thing I missed is the connection to an amp, as it doesn’t have any electronic ports but I am asking too much for the price paid for it.