Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Review

There is a saying, price is often an index of the quality of a product. Going along those lines, let’s take a look at this acoustic guitar being sold by the world-renowned brand, Taylor. Although they are predominantly known for their acoustic guitars, they have carried their name through to the electric guitar world, too. Always on the rise and one of the most reliable, if not the most reliable, American guitar company, it’s no wonder that many professionals opt for their guitars. This is the Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar that we are talking about.

But of course, they are more non-professional guitarists in the world than professional guitarists and so, they have not limited their range of guitars for just the elite. Just like this guitar that we are reviewing in this article, Taylor offers a complete series of guitars targeted towards the intermediate and beginning level guitarists.

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Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

In this review, we will break down the Taylor GS Mini and come up with an objective evaluation of this piece, which will hopefully help the readers of this article make a more informed purchase in the future.

Value for Money

Although the Taylor GS Mini is one of the more affordable guitars that Taylor manufacture and sell, it still might be on the higher end for the majority of the population. The average price of a decent acoustic guitar would be around, say $250? So, the premium that Taylor charges for the assured quality in make, as well as sound, results in the doubling of it’s price in comparison to the average acoustic. In simple words, it costs $499. The exclusivity of the brand is highlighted in its price which makes it an ideal birthday gift for an guitar enthusiast. Money can’t buy happiness. But maybe, a Taylor GS can?

Taylor GS Mini GuitarBody Material

Sapele, mahogany and ebony are the three main types of wood that are used in the make of this guitar. The back and neck of the guitar are made out of sapele, while it’s body is made out of a mix of both: mahogany and sapele. The fretboard of the guitar is made out of ebony, ensuring a certain degree of crispness to the that is produced. Sapele and mahogany are two different types of wood, both with very similar characteristics. In this guitar, Taylor have used this to their advantage combining these two, durable and flexible pieces of wood, to create a unique sound. The dominant sapele wood of the guitar, differentiates from mahogany in one noticeable way. The sound it produces is considerable brighter in comparison. When you look at the guitar’s make as a whole, it’s an extremely versatile guitar that fits into the different playing styles that any individual has.

About the guitar

As the name suggests, Taylor GS Mini, the guitar is relatively small. It’s exact product dimensions look somewhat like this: 42 x 18 x 8 inches. Common to acoustic guitars, it comes with six guitar strings and is primarily for the right handed public. The number of frets on this guitar is twenty, which translates into 23.5 inches, scale length. It also comes with a deluxe padded gig bag, rather than a, soft or hard gig bag.

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Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Rating

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar Rating
  • Looks, build, comfort
  • Quality of strings, parts
  • Sound output quality
  • Value for money


Even though the Taylor GS Mini is not one of the affordable options for the beginners, the quality of sound produced and the comfort offered is where the guitar attracts the users.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Due to its light weight (11 pounds), it’s easy to carry around making it extremely handy for the guitarist that’s always on the move
  • The thin neck of this guitar, makes it just a little bit easier to play around with when compared to other acoustic guitars


  • Slightly overpriced in the market. With the same price, one can go for a full-sized guitar instead of this ‘mini’ guitar
  • The guitar comes with a satin finish. Some people might consider this to be a fallout in the guitar’s design, as due to this attribute of the guitar, physical damage done to the guitar in the form of scratches, dents, etc. are visible.

Final remarks: The final verdict on this guitar is that it is.

  • Not the most affordable option
  • A small-to-medium sized guitar
  • Made out of top quality raw materials.(Sapele, Mahogany and Ebony)
  • Produces a bright-kind-of sound, characteristic to the sapele wood used in it
  • Handy-guitar, that comes with a padded gig bag

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Some more Taylor GS Mini reviews from users (taken from Amazon.com):

1. Surprisingly full and rich for its size

For a small guitar, for this size it has amazing fullness of tone, and a clean strong lower end. And the nicely proportioned shape doesn’t look “mini”. The action is low and fast, and it tunes down to Open G without buzz on medium tension strings. The mahogany top has a warmer sound and I think is much better balanced than the spruce-topped mini. Volume and projection are plenty for at-home or intimate settings. And it’s pre-wired for easy installation of a pick-up, though I think it may sound better mic’ed than amplified. It’s sold in a nicely made and attractive Taylor khaki gig bag too. My only issues are that the tuners are coarse and touchy, and the reddish pick guard looks odd. Overall, it’s a terrific value that, though being sold as a travel guitar, will have a lot of players leaving their jumbos and dreadnoughts in the case when they’re home. I think the “mini” model name puts a lot of people off and should be changed; it’s a superb guitar that happens to be small.

2. I like it better than my 2001 Martin 00028 Eric Clapton Acoustic……Really!!!

After playing this guitar for 6 months, I can tell you that this is hands down my favorite guitar! Those are tall words because I have a 2001 Martin 00028EC acoustic in pristine condition that will shortly be listed on Ebay. Before you start typing up your comments on how crazy I am , give me another sentence or two to explain. I have really small hands and can play the Taylor technically better than my Martin because the neck is much wider causing lots of buzz and unwanted sounds. Because I can “play” the mini better and more precise it sounds better to my ear. Yes, the Martin will play louder with more punch and articulation but for shear playing enjoyment, I really love the mini!! I leave it around my house on the sofa, on my bed, it its around and always within reach. I take it with me wherever I go and didn’t breakdown in tears when I got my first ding. Its portable, playable and sounds absolutely amazing to my ear. If your a beginner about to make your first purchase, this is absolutely the guitar for you. If your advanced, you should go play one. I did make a few minor adjustments to “tweak” the guitar. Mainly I sanded the bridge to lower the playing action and changed out the nut to a zero fret nut which makes playing cowboy chords louder and crisp. Taylor must be selling a ton of these babies because they are now made in like 6 different styles. I hope Taylor contacts me to be their spokesperson for the “Old Guys with small hands market segment”, because I want a GS Mini in KOA!!!

3. Compares favorably to any guitar at price-point, regardless of size.

Solid, well made, pretty-looking guitar that plays beautifully. There are no issues with tone or the sound and I could see purchasing this guitar even if size were not a consideration. One review mentions getting the guitar for $420 and argues this as a more reasonable price-point. I’d take the deal if I got it, but don’t agree if the point is relative to its being made in Mexico or being a 3/4 sized guitar. I would compare this instrument to any other acoustic guitar at $500 made domestically or abroad. I ordered it online and have no regrets .. Taylor knows they have a successful line here and want to keep it that way. Have been playing in open D which it handles admirably .. using a slide .. great harmonics in all positions. Very satisfied with purchase.