Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Fender guitars need no introduction. In fact, the other stringed instruments made by them and amplifiers, are equally reputable in the market. Officially made by the American company, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, the Fender’s are some of the best guitars in the world. They have especially made a name for themselves in the electric guitar category, a name which is backed by legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain and many more.

The Fender Tim Armstrong is not an electric guitar, but nor is it your everyday acoustic guitar. How many guitars out there in the market are designed by legends and put for sale to the public? Let’s be frank, not many. This particular guitar however, was designed using Tim’s own instrument as a guideline. In fact, Fender have taken the classical approach that Tim followed, tweaked it up with some modern features which has given birth to this beautiful guitar piece, the Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat acoustic guitar.

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Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Without a doubt, the guitar is a genuine quality guitar. But let’s look at it in depth and come to a more definite conclusion on the guitar as a whole.

Body Material

The guitar is made out of three different types of wood: mahogany, rosewood and maple. Its body, back and sides is made out of two-different, one can say variations of mahogany. The body is made out of solid mahogany, while the back and sides are made out of laminated mahogany of some sort. What’s special about the top of the body being made out of solid mahogany is that, it gives the sound produced a sweet-like quality, characteristic to such a make.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar 1The different types of wood used in a fretboard influences the guitar in three ways: tone, appearance and feel. Rosewood is therefore a very popular choice among the guitar makers as apart from it’s warm effect on the tone of the guitar, the wood in itself, has a very natural feel to it. Now, any guesses for where the rosewood has been used in this guitar? However, there is one unique aspect in relation to  the frets of this guitar. You see the word ‘Hellcat’, in the title? Well, that ‘hellcat’ is in fact referring to the hellcat inlays that are on the fret of this guitar. Moving on, let’s look at where and for what purpose has maple been used in this guitar.

The neck of the guitar is generally made out of rosewood or maple. The Fender Tim Armstrong acoustic guitar chooses to use the latter of the two. Keeping in line with the sweet sound produced by the guitar, attributing to its body material, the maple neck just complements this aspect of the guitar, being known to produce a relatively brighter sound in comparison to the guitar necks made out of other materials.

Value for Money

Guitars come in three different prices, or, one can say that they fall under three different price categories, namely: low-level, mid-level and high-end. The guitar in question, belongs to the mid-level price category. To be more precise, to purchase this guitar one needs to be willing to spend $349.99. The brand name, Fender, brings a certain assurance to the quality of the guitar which is why it is priced so. Of course, the majority of the population will consider even this to be in the ‘high-end’ guitar price category but the truth is that those guitars, which we consider to belong to that category $499 and upwards.

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Product Description: Let’s get straight into it. It’s a concert sized guitar with exact product dimensions of, 44 x 7 x 18 in. Unlike many guitars, the Tim Armstrong acoustic has separate models, oriented for both: the right and left handed people. When you compare it to other guitars it’s not one of the lightest out there, weighing nearly 7 pounds. It comes with 6 strings, a 4-Ply Tortoise Shell Pickguard and a Fishman Isys III System. Just to give you a little bit more insight into why the size of a guitar, namely ‘concert’ in this case, is so important a feature while choosing a guitar, here are two important things you should know about concert sized guitars:

  • Smaller bodies
  • Distinctive voice

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rating

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rating
  • Looks, build, comfort
  • Quality of strings, parts
  • Sound output quality
  • Value for money

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar Pros and Cons


  • Balanced tone
  • Works very well with an amplifier
  • The design of the guitar is very commendable, because of which all its features really shine through
  • Competitively priced in the electric-acoustic guitar segment


  • Only steel strings can be used on the guitar
  • The guitar is sometimes associated with quality control issues, which of course are perfectly addressable in nature

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar Base

Verdict passed on the guitar:

  • The smaller than usual guitar size, i.e concert size, gets mixed reviews. People who prefer small guitars and are accustomed to such sizes won’t be complaining too much.
  • For an electric-acoustic guitar, it’s a great value for money.
  • A very uniquely-cool looking guitar, it will definitely catch the attention of other people.

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